The Salento

Salento is kissed by the sun all year round and releases different emotions with the charm of art, with excellent Mediterranean cuisine and sincere hospitality in a dream landscape from the Adriatic coast to the Ionian coast, a green peninsula between two seas! Magical land with expanses of centuries-old olive trees and dry-stone walls in the countryside, where ancient masserie are located, many transformed into fascinating accommodation facilities.

The company is located in Cellino San Marco, a small town in the upper Salento with just 36 square kilometers, capable of concentrating an exceptional quantity of stories, often successful, almost always linked to the territory.

The Apulian olive trees have been recognized “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO for the region with the most significant olive heritage. Introduced by the Greeks in 1300 BC, the olive trees today represent the Apulian historical landscape. They are present in different varieties and have taken on particular characteristics in relation to the soil, the climate and the methods of cultivation. A selection that turns out to be more vigorous, resistant to pests and with a higher oil yield, even if the olive trees of the lower Salento in 2008 were affected by a bacterium (xylella) which led to a significant reduction in production. The extra virgin olive oil has a yellow color with greenish reflections, an olive aroma with a fruity flavor, a delicate taste with a balance between sweet and bitter on a slightly spicy background.

An area where the apulia of wine has learned to believe in its abilities and where the vine has found its natural habitat to produce excellent wines in recent years protagonists of a journey of rediscovery and enhancement even in purity. The plant prefers short pruning, and is suitable for being bred both with the traditional sapling and low-backed method. The constant sea breezes constantly blow on the vineyards and contribute to the health of the grapes with their natural anti-parasitic action. The soil is mainly clayey, but there are also soils of fine and calcareous composition, with limited thickness and good drainage; and red and pebbly soils, rich in minerals, thus conferring different varieties of grapes and delicate nuances of character to the wines. Look at our selection: Italian Salento wines and Olive Oil, genuine and with an excellent quality-price ratio. If you prefer, contact us by phone or fill out the form on this page for any further information.